What is finance -how many types of finance-2023

What is finance (how many types of finance-2023)

What is finance

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What is finance, what is finance, in today’s economic age, we all listen to finance at a very young age, and in the minds of many of us, the question of what is finance starts creating a ruckus,

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 it must have been searched on our Google also but It is not known that the correct and exact answer is found in this post, now we are going to tell everyone in detail what is the meaning of finance.

What is finance, you must have read in your childhood, almost everything transcends from the the the Latin language, the same has happened with Hans, the word finance is taken from the French language, which in English means to to to to to finance?

Often we hear finance department finance job finance minister finance advisor After all that is the meaning of finance Finance means transaction of money

Finance itself is a very broad term, as much as it is written about it, in simple language, finance is a group of many karma commercials working methods.

Finance is a multi-economic word, for any person, comp,,,    any or government to work, finance is necessary but, sadly, it is not studied in any school or college.

If you want to understand finance, the sooner it is understood, the better it is that any person who wants to become or wants to become a millionaire by the age of 30, has to understand finance, it is a very big topic in itself, 

tell everything about it in one post. It is not possible to get but every effort has been made to explain the meaning of finance.
When money is arranged for some purpose business, then it is called financing finance, for this money,

 some price has to be paid which is called interest [interest] finance is needed while starting a company or production work, some people They also look for financial help to meet the expenses of the company, this should not be done at all.

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what is finance in 2023

Have you ever seen the sea, finance is also the same, in the matter of earning money, finance is also the sea, no person knows everything about it, the information about it is less.

What is finance

 Finance is called (Finance) in Hindi, it means that the necessary capital is needed for the smooth operation of any work production company system, it is called finance.

Capital is directly related to money currency because, to run smoothly any company, manufacturing unit, organization, or startup, some setup has to be done, and the employee has to pay salary.

All this work can be done with money only, the requirements can be fulfilled by own investment or there are some institutions which provide a loan, the financial institution of such institution is called finance [installation] definition of finance or finance in easy language management of money is done as

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But finance is divided into three parts

Types of Finance In the modern era, finance is divided into three parts

personal finance
corporate finance
public finance

The function of all the three types of finance mentioned above is the same.

What is finance

like investing right
getting a loan at low interest
arranging funds for liabilities
and having proper knowledge of banking

what is a personal finance in 2023.? 

Personal finance means the management of personal finance Personal finance consists of the story of one’s wealth which teaches how to handle money, how to control money, available money means how to make the most of the wealth you have

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what is public finance?

What is public finance, there are two words in it, the first is public, and the second finance the public means to the people, the second means of finance is known, public means people mean people’s money, so what does it mean?

Here public means from the public and whom the public chooses, the public chooses the government, meaning public finance has been told about the government’s financial system, the government’s income, expenditure, and if for some reason the government has to take a loan, then where to take the loan.

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knowledge of finance successful

To make a business or to get financial relief in life, it is necessary to have a financial education. They retire from their work at a very young age, but some people have to work till their last breath

There is a difference in financial education between these two. Businesses or job professions having good fruit knowledge always work to get a loan at interest rates. want and expect a maximum return at their residence

classification of finance

There are many websites like Flipkart Amazon Mantra from where the finance company comes to finance to buy mobile or many other items, one of them is Zest Money, remember, buy any product by taking a loan from here and their loan back to the the the the the the office in 3 to 6 months.

 If you do, then this company finances at zero percent interest rate, but if the time is more then interest will also have to be paid, similarly the classic fashion of finance has been done based on time.

short term finance

Short Term Finance When a loan is taken for a long period of 15 months, then this loan is called short-term finance.

The median finance screen period ranges from 15 months to 5 years and is intended for manufacturing or property
long-term finance
Loans taken for more than 5 years are called debt finance to build up assets.

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finance summary in English

Finance is directly related to the management of rupee money, with unique knowledge, a lot of profit is made even with little money in a short time, due to lack of financial education, the person doing business or job is not able to raise enough money.

Finance directly means money, money,  and wealth, this money can be from any person or any institution or government, there are many books for financial education which you can read but there is no time to read the book.

So you can also watch YouTube videos, many times are constantly making very informative videos on financial education.
Hope you must have understood the meaning of the word finance.


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